** - Salih and Muslih


The scholars say: be 'saalih - صالح' and a 'muslih - مصلح'

There is a big difference between the two:

The person who is 'saalih - صالح' is a pious person who reforms himself through: prayers, fasting, dhikr, recitations, etc.

Nobody has an issue with such a person. Nobody cares how much dhikr you do, how many Rak'aat you pray etc.

Nobody cares.

The person who is 'muslih - مصلح' is a reformer. He reforms society by tackling the ills of society.

It is when the problems and opposition start.

Initially, the Prophet was pious 'saalih - صالح' (righteous), and everyone loved him, even the mushrikeen! But when he was commanded to rise and reform the ills of the society, he spoke out openly against shirk, burying daughters alive, racism, etc. he became a 'muslih - مصلح'...

Then all the opposition, wars, hostility, etc., against him started.

So, people have no issue with you if you are 'saalih - صالح' ... they will start having problems with you when you become a 'muslih - مصلح.' 


Be ready to face such opposition.

 Courtesy of my dear brother Syed Ahmed Hussaini


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