** - Top 100 verbs used in Al-Quran

Top 100 verbs used in Al-Qur'an 

Verb Root Form Baab Frequency Translation
قَالَ ق و ل I فَعَلَ 1618 to say
كَانَ ك و ن I فَعَلَ 1358 to be
ءَامَنَ ا م ن IV اِفْعَال 537 to believe
عَلِمَ ع ل م I فَعَلَ 382 to know
جَعَلَ ج ع ل I فَعَلَ 340 to make
كَفَرَ ك ف ر I فَعَلَ 289 to disbelieve
جَآءَ ج ي ا I فَعَلَ 278 to come
عَمِلَ ع م ل I فَعَلَ 276 to do, to work
رَءَا ر ا ي I فَعَلَ 271 to see
آتَى ا ت ي IV اِفْعَال 271 to give
أَتَى ا ت ي I فَعَلَ 264 to come, to bring
شَآءَ ش ي ا I فَعَلَ 236 to will, to wish
خَلَقَ خ ل ق I فَعَلَ 184 to create
أَنزَلَ ن ز ل IV اِفْعَال 183 to send down, to reveal
كَذَّبَ ك ذ ب II تَفْعِيْل 176 to deny, to reject
دَعَا د ع و I فَعَلَ 170 to call, to invite, to pray
ٱتَّقَىٰ و ق ي VIII اِفْتَعَال 166 to be righteous, to fear (Allah)
هَدَى ه د ي I فَعَلَ 144 to guide
أَرَادَ ر و د IV اِفْعَال 139 to intend, to desire, to want, to wish
ٱتَّبَعَ ت ب ع VIII اِفْتَعَال 136 to follow
أَرْسَلَ ر س ل IV اِفْعَال 130 to send
أَخَذَ ا خ ذ I فَعَلَ 127 to take, to seize
ٱتَّخَذَ ا خ ذ VIII اِفْتَعَال 124 to take
عَبَدَ ع ب د I فَعَلَ 122 to worship
ظَلَمَ ظ ل م I فَعَلَ 110 to oppress, to wrong
سَأَلَ س ا ل I فَعَلَ 106 to ask
وَجَدَ و ج د I فَعَلَ 106 to find
أَخْرَجَ خ ر ج IV اِفْعَال 99 to bring forth, to drive out
أَكَلَ ا ك ل I فَعَلَ 93 to eat, to consume
لَّيْسَ ل ي س I فَعَلَ 89 to not be
فَعَلَ ف ع ل I فَعَلَ 88 to do
نَّظَرَ ن ظ ر I فَعَلَ 87 to look, to see
ذَكَرَ ذ ك ر I فَعَلَ 84 to remember, to mention
قَتَلَ ق ت ل I فَعَلَ 83 to kill
خَافَ خ و ف I فَعَلَ 83 to fear, to be afraid
رَجَعَ ر ج ع I فَعَلَ 79 to return
سَمِعَ س م ع I فَعَلَ 78 to hear, to listen
تَوَلَّىٰ و ل ي V تَفَعُّل 78 to turn
أَمَرَ ا م ر I فَعَلَ 77 to order, to command
دَخَلَ د خ ل I فَعَلَ 76 to enter
جَزَىٰ ج ز ي I فَعَلَ 73 to reward, to recompense
أَطَاعَ ط و ع IV اِفْعَال 72 to obey
أَوْحَىٰٓ و ح ي IV اِفْعَال 72 to reveal, to inspire
أَشْرَكَ ش ر ك IV اِفْعَال 71 to associate partners
أَلْقَىٰٓ ل ق ي IV اِفْعَال 71 to cast, to throw, to meet, to offer
وَعَدَ و ع د I فَعَلَ 70 to promise
أَنفَقَ ن ف ق IV اِفْعَال 68 to spend
غَفَرَ غ ف ر I فَعَلَ 65 to forgive
أَضَلَّ ض ل ل IV اِفْعَال 64 to let go astray, to mislead
أَصَابَ ص و ب IV اِفْعَال 64 to strike, to befall, to besto
أَحْبَبْ ح ب ب IV اِفْعَال 64 to love, to like
تَابَ ت و ب I فَعَلَ 63 to repent, to turn
نَزَّلَ ن ز ل II تَفْعِيْل 62 to send down, to reveal
كَسَبَ ك س ب I فَعَلَ 62 to earn
رَزَقَ ر ز ق I فَعَلَ 61 to provide
تَلَىٰ ت ل و I فَعَلَ 61 to recite
قَضَىٰٓ ق ض ي I فَعَلَ 59 to decree, to decide, to judge
نَصَرَ ن ص ر I فَعَلَ 59 to help
صَبَرَ ص ب ر I فَعَلَ 58 to be patient
جَرَيْ ج ر ي I فَعَلَ 57 to flow, to run
مَسَّ م س س I فَعَلَ 56 to touch
ضَرَبَ ض ر ب I فَعَلَ 55 to strike, to set forth
قَٰتَلَ ق ت ل III مُفَاعَلَة 54 to fight
أَقَامَ ق و م IV اِفْعَال 54 to establish
ضَلَّ ض ل ل I فَعَلَ 53 to go astray, to err, to lose
خَرَجَ خ ر ج I فَعَلَ 53 to go out, to come out, to depart, to leave
بَعَثَ ب ع ث I فَعَلَ 52 to raise, to resurrect, to send
تَذَكَّرَ ذ ك ر V تَفَعُّل 51 to receive admonition
أَحْيَا ح ي ي IV اِفْعَال 51 to give life
أَهْلَكَ ه ل ك IV اِفْعَال 51 to destroy
ٱفْتَرَىٰ ف ر ي VIII اِفْتَعَال 50 to invent
عَقَلُ ع ق ل I فَعَلَ 49 to understand, to reason
زَادَ ز ي د I فَعَلَ 49 to increase
كَتَبَ ك ت ب I فَعَلَ 49 to write, to prescribe, to ordain
ظَنَّ ظ ن ن I فَعَلَ 47 to think, to assume, to guess
شَكَرَ ش ك ر I فَعَلَ 46 to be grateful, to give thanks
نَبَّأَ ن ب ا II تَفْعِيْل 46 to inform
يَذَرَ و ذ ر I فَعَلَ 45 to leave, to forsake
حَكَمَ ح ك م I فَعَلَ 45 to judge
شَهِدَ ش ه د I فَعَلَ 44 to testify, to bear witness
حَسِبَ ح س ب I فَعَلَ 44 to think
أَنذَرَ ن ذ ر IV اِفْعَال 44 to warn
نَادَىٰ ن د و III مُفَاعَلَة 44 to call
مَلَكَتْ م ل ك I فَعَلَ 44 to possess, to have power
ٱسْتَطَاعَ ط و ع X اِسْتِفْعَال 42 to be able to, to be capable
سَبَّحَ س ب ح II تَفْعِيْل 42 to glorify, to praise
أُدْخِلَ د خ ل IV اِفْعَال 42 to admit
عَلَّمَ ع ل م II تَفْعِيْل 41 to teach
عَذَّبَ ع ذ ب II تَفْعِيْل 41 to punish
حَمَلَ ح م ل I فَعَلَ 41 to carry, to bear
ٱسْتَغْفَرَ غ ف ر X اِسْتِفْعَال 40 to ask forgiveness
أَرَيْ ر ا ي IV اِفْعَال 40 to show
تَوَكَّلْ و ك ل V تَفَعُّل 40 to put trust
خَشِىَ خ ش ي I فَعَلَ 40 to fear
ٱهْتَدَىٰ ه د ي VIII اِفْتَعَال 40 to be guided

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