9/13.8 – Derivative 8 Tool Noun اِسْمُ الْآلَةِ

Section 13.8 – Derivative 8 Tool Noun اِسْمُ الْآلَةِ is-mul aa-la-ti


It is a Noun from which the source of the Verb is determined and it is mostly through transitive Verbs and is only comes from the three-letter root word as in مِبْرَدٌ mib-ra-dun from مِفعَلٌ mif-‘a-lun meaning “sand”, مِطْرَقَةٌ mit-ra-qa-tun from مِفْعَلَةٌ mif-‘a-la-tun meaning “hammer” and مِفْتَاحٌmif-taa-hun from مِفْعَالٌ mif-‘aa-lun meaning a “key”.





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