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5.1+5.2 Sentences


Section 5.0 - Complete Compound- Sentence

المُرَكَّبُ التَّامِّ- جُمْلَةٌ Jum-latun - al-murak-kabut-taam-mu


A complete compound is one that meaningfully expresses a statement, question or other information.


The simplest form of a sentence is what is called an Informative sentence جُمْلَةُ الْخَبَرِيَّةُ jumla-tul khabar-riyya-tu. In this sentence, it is possible to say that a speaker is factually right or wrong as in when the sentence is a statement. The second form is what is called a non-informative sentence الْإِنْشَائيَّةُ  جُمْلَةُ jumla-tul inshaa-iyya-tu in which it is not possible to say that a speaker is right or wrong, as in when the sentence is a question.


We will be covering the Informative sentence first and will cover the non-informative sentence as the need is felt.


Section 5.1 - Types of Informative Sentences


An informative sentence is of two kinds: A sentence that begins with a Noun is called a Nominative رَفْعٌ (raf-un) Sentence or الْجُمْلَةُ الْاٍسْمَيَّةُ jumla-tul is-miy-ya-tu and a sentence that starts with a Verb is called a Verbal sentence الْجُمْلَةُ الْفِعْلِيَةُ jumla-tul feil-iya-tu. Since we have not studied the Verb yet, we will cover the Verbal sentence later.


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