; An English Guide to Classic Qur'anic Arabic: 3.4AB - Property 2 Capacity, Definite & Indefinite


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3.4AB - Property 2 Capacity, Definite & Indefinite


Section 3.4 - Property 2 Capacity وُسْعَتٌ (wus-at)


The capacity of a Noun is divided into two categories. These are Definite مَعْرِفَةُ(ma-aa-ri-fa-tu) and Indefinite نَكِرَةٌ (na-ki-ra-tun) Nouns. All Nouns are considered to be indefinite until it is proven to be a definite Noun. The categories of definite Nouns are described below.


A. Definite Nouns مَعْرِفَةُ (ma-ri-fa-tu)


A definite Noun according to Webster’s dictionary is an article which is:


free of all ambiguity, uncertainty, or

obscurity, unquestionable, decided

typically designating an identified or immediately identifiable person or thing


In Arabic, following are classified as definite Nouns:


-A Name or a proper Noun

-A personal pronoun

-A demonstrative pronoun

-A relative pronoun

-When alphabets (ا) and (ل) are added in front

-When an indefinite Noun is associated with a definite Noun, it becomes a definite Noun.

-When an indefinite Noun is used in addressing/calling a definite Noun, then also it becomes a definite Noun.


B. Definite by Proper Noun/ Name اِسْمُ الْعَلَمِ (Ism-ul ala-mi)


All names are definite Nouns. For example, زَيْدٌ (Zai-dun or in spoken Arabic, this will be pronounced as Zaid) which is a name of a male person or مَكَّةُ (mak-katu or Makkah in spoken Arabic) is the name of a city.


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